Lost Highway on Colfax Closes Tonight
- April 01, 2017 -
Tina and James Pachorek know a thing or two about moving. Their beer-focused food, beverage and brewing businesses have migrated around town for years - first Aurora, then Denver, and next Centennial.

It's not their fault, and just ask: moving is a pain in the ass.

But when the landlord says "go", you gotta go. In their case, it was a $3.75M purchase in 2016 of their Colfax Avenue building by Dallas investors. First the Cheeky Monk closed last year, and tonight (we wish it were an April Fools' joke) they close their Colfax Lost Highway Brewery location for good.

Find your way to the Lost Highway out while you still can. Their f-book post tells you the basics.

A new Centennial location is in the works, and plans are to open there in the next two or three months. We'll advise on progress, and look forward to getting back on the Lost Highway again.
3 Fort Collins Breweries Evolve
- March 21, 2017 -
Jonathan Shikes at Westword (aka ColoBeerMan) wrote another nice piece about Colorado's ever-evolving beer universe. Check it out for the details and real-deal story, but the bare basics:

C.B. & Potts is looking for a new brewery location, 1933 Brewing will be resurrected by new owners and open under a new name soon, and Pateros Creek will close next month, due to short-notice development changes at their current location. April 1st is their last day - landlord says gotta go by the 15th - and they are planning one last hurrah:

Pateros Creek says, "We have been here for six years and hope to continue to have taps around town while we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and rebuild. We are throwing a party April 1st noon to 7pm (no foolin'), and we truly hope that you all can be there to celebrate with us. We will drink up what is left of the beer and have some old favorites on tap. So, mark your calendars and be here." Good luck, Bob and Steve.
Funkwerks Has Big Beer Plans for 2017
- January 18, 2017 -
Funkwerks continues to make great beer at their Fort Collins brewery, in greater quantities than ever. Over the last five years, beer production increased over 600%, to 5700 barrels of golden goodness made in 2016. You can find the Funk in five states right now, with another nine "destined for funk" according to a recent posting from the four-time GABF award-winning brewery.

They released a production schedule for their flagship and specialty beers in 2017, part of which is shown here, and the rest of which can be seen here. Thanks for all the info,and we're ready for all the funk we can get.
Lost Highway Finds A New Home
- January 04, 2017 -
Belgium's Oldest Tradition On America's Longest, Wickedest Street - aka Lost Highway, located (for now) at 520 East Colfax - has found a new home. Their historic building was sold in July, 2016, and owners Tina and James Pachorek were forced to find a new location for the brewery, deli and taproom. Their legendary Cheeky Monk beer bar next door was shuttered after the sale, too, but it won't be making the move.

They plan to begin construction this month on a new facility at 12741 E. Caley Avenue, Unit 140, in Centennial. In an announcement today:

"We are very excited about the opportunities the new location will provide to us. We look forward to working with the City of Centennial and being part of the community." owner Tina Pachorek said. The new facility will house a taproom plus production facility. In the new facility they will begin canning their products for expanded distribution. Lost Highway recently partnered with Colorado Craft Distributors to distribute kegs and cans to on and off premises retailers throughout the state.

The new facility is expected to open in Spring, 2017, and the current Colfax taproom will remain open, brewing and serving their delicious Belgian-style beers until the new digs are complete.

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