Newest Colorado Breweries
- December 22, 2010 -
In our ongoing attempt to keep our readers apprised of all the brewery happenings in our fine state, here are the newest to join the fold:


Carbondale Beer Works Ale House & Wienery Opens Today, Dec 22

Carbondale Beer Works will be opening their doors today at 4:00pm. The newest brewery to open to date, they will have Langer Irish Stout served on Nitro, and hopefully their BoneDog Amber. They will also have Strongbow Cider on tap, and their Guest Beer is Ebeneezer Ale from Bridgeport Brewing in Oregon. The full Dog menu will be available as well. Tonight will be CASH only, so go prepared. More information can be found on their facebook page. We'll let you know more soon.


Funkwerks Is Open in Fort Collins

In case you haven't heard about them by now, Funkwerks is the newest brewery to open in Fort Collins.

They describe themselves as a Package Brewery, focused on Saisons, all organic. Owned and operated by co-owners Brad Lincoln and Gordon Schuck, Funkwerks is located at 1900-B E. Lincoln Ave., in the old space vacated by Fort Collins Brewery when they expanded to a bigger location.

They opened December 9 at 11:00 am, and received a warm response by the community. They have a taproom where they started out serving their Saison, their White Saison, and a brew they call Casper, which is a very light saison. By January they plan to have several more brews on tap. Their hours are: Sunday - noon to 6pm, Mon- Wed noon to 8pm, Th-Sat noon to 10pm. For more info, see their facebook page.


Bonfire Brewing in Eagle

Bonfire Brewing opened their doors on November 16th in Eagle, CO. Started up by two roommates, Homebrewer Matt Wirtz and Andy Jensen, they originally just wanted to make extra money to help pay the rent. Matt is not only an avid brewer, but something of an inventor/engineer as well. He modified old wine tanks, created stainless steel chillers, and basically hand-built his 3 bbl system.

Their beer has been well-received, and long-term plans may include bigger production. Right now, says co-owner Andy Jensen, "We just want to make enough beer to keep the people of Eagle happy". Those lucky people. Bonfire Brewing is located at 127 Second St. in Eagle. Check out their website for hours,


Crystal Springs Brewing in Boulder

Crystal Springs Brewing Company is named after the original Crystal Springs Brewing and Ice Company, founded in 1875 in Boulder, Colorado. They opened in May, 2010, and they are definitely one of the smallest breweries in the state, brewing on a 2/3 bbl system.

Crystal Springs Brewing is the brainchild of Tom Horst, a long-time homebrewer who made his dream come true by opening his brewery. He does not have a taproom, and currently sells his bottled beer at several liquor stores in the Boulder area. You can also try Crystal Springs at the popular restaurant, The Kitchen, in Boulder. So all you Boulderites, look for Crystal Springs and support your newest brewery! To find out more, go to


Three Daughters Beer

One of Denver's newest and smallest craft breweries is Three Daughters Beer. They are located at 3100 Blake Street in Denver. They currently have 4 beers available: Independence Hefeweizen, Hard Times Stout, Double Header American Bock, and Rebellion Amber.

Three Daughters Beer is manufactured and distributed by the Leieritz Brewing Company. Look for their tasting room to be open soon. Their beer is being sold at liquor stores in and around the Denver area, as well as Eagle, Frisco, Glenwood Springs, and Cabondale. Find out more on their facebook page.
McClellan's Grill and Brewing Company Closed
- December 06, 2010 -
McClellan's Grill and Brewing Company has closed their doors. They left a heartfelt message on their facebook page, thanking everyone for their patronage.
Aspen Brewing's New Digs
- December 03, 2010 -
Aspen Brewing Company has moved their tasting room from their original location at 557 N. Mill St. to 304 E. Hopkins in Aspen. Brad Veltman, one of the owners of Aspen Brewery says "It's working out great. The new location for our tasting room is more on the main drag. We get a lot more foot traffic now." The old location on N. Mill St. is where they will continue to brew for now. The plan is to move into a large warehouse spacee at the ABC, Airport Business Center, in Aspen. This will enable them to ramp up production, and begin canning their beer. They are shooting for March 2011 for that space to be ready.

So, if you're up on the slopes in Aspen this winter, be sure to check out the brewery in their new space, and try the seasonal they've got out now, a Scotch Ale.
Breckenridge, Wynkoop Plan Joint Venture
- December 01, 2010 -
Breckenridge Holding Company and Wynkoop Holdings, Inc. have announced plans to enter into a 50/50 joint venture, according to a press release from Breckenridge Brewing. Wynkoop Holdings is the Denver-based owner of seven brewpubs and restaurants based in Denver and Colorado Springs. Breckenridge Holding operates seven wholly and partially owned businesses which are all located in Colorado, including its original Breckenridge Brewery located in Breckenridge.

What does this mean for 2 iconic Colorado craft breweries? According to the statement released, Ed Cerkovnik, President of Breckenridge Holding Company states, "Both Breckenridge and Wynkoop companies have rich Colorado histories with similar, yet distinct, cultures. This joint venture captures the synergies of these two successful Denver-based companies. Combining 14 wholly and partially owned subsidiaries under one umbrella gives us the leverage to build a stronger, more diverse, company." Cerkovnik added that "the combined company provides us with the platform through which we can more effectively pursue growth and expansion of our respective brands and restaurant concepts."

For Wynkoop, it will enable them to increase their canning capacity without having to build a new brewery. Currently, the Breckenridge Brewery at 471 Kalamath St. is capable of canning or bottling 60,000 barrels a year, and only now producing app. 30,000. As Lee Driscoll, CEO of Wynkoop Holdings said, "On the brewing side it means we can quickly grow our canning and self-distribution effort, with help from experienced craft beer veterans. We can get Wynkoop beer to more people without the time and expense of building a new brewery. This also adds a quartet of devoutly beer-minded establishments to our family, and provides a quick dose of depth and shared talent to our beer and food culture."

"Plus," Driscoll adds, "it puts two like-minded craft beer pioneers of our state on the same team. Together, our potential for adding to Colorado's beer culture is very big."

Marty Jones, spokesman for Wynkoop, explains further. "Right now, we can do about 4000 barrels there (Wynkoop brewpub). This year we'll do about 3500, up from 2800."

"Will we still be brewing at Wynkoop? -- Heck yeah, we'll be brewing like crazy there. The freed-up tank space (now used for Rail Yard and Silverback) will be used for additional conditioning of our current beers, and production of some new and experimental beers. And more barrel-aged treats."

"Are there plans to distribute outside of Colorado? -- Yes, eventually, to nearby states for starters. But first we'll increase our reach in the Denver area and then around the home state.
Overall this move helps us make more and better beer and make more people happy with it,
while securing our futures and honest livings in the beer and restaurant trades we love. Good stuff all around."

Indeed Marty. We'll all be waiting with open minds and empty glasses to see how this partnership unfolds. It sounds like more of a good thing. Breckenridge and Wynkoop expect the joint venture to be finalized in January 2011.
Fort Collins Brewery Helps The Homeless
- November 22, 2010 -
Help Fort Collins Brewery feed the hungry! Starting now and lasting through December, $1 from the sale of every reusable 6-pack tote sold at the brewery will be donated to a homeless shelter in Fort Collins. You're also welcome to bring food donations, they will be making drops at the shelter weekly.
Dad & Dudes is Brewing
- November 19, 2010 -
The Dad & Dudes Breweria in Aurora is brewing beer. They opened just a few weeks ago, with guest beers on tap, and will soon be adding their own.

The Breweria is a combination pizzeria and brewery, owned and operated by the father/son team of Mason and Tom Hembree.

They have an interesting concept for their brewing operation. Mason and Tom are both home brewers. They held a contest, a tasting, of beer from different home brewers, and from there selected their brewing team.

Bard Nielsen is the head brewer.He has been a home brewer for 8 years and is now dong it as a full-time job, "and loving it" as he says. The assistant brewer is Aaron Bush. They are brewing on a very small system, 13 gallons at a time. In about a week they will be ready to serve their Red Ale, called Inaugurale, and their Rye Ale, called Lowryeder. Then in the near future the Pale Ale will be released, called The Liquid Resume. According to Bard, it was his resume. So check out the latest brewery, or "breweria" in Aurora.
Rock Bottom and Gordon Biersch Combine To form CraftWorks
- November 18, 2010 -
On Monday, November 15, the Rock Bottom Restaurants group and Gordon Biersch Restaurants were acquired by Centerbridge Capital Partners of New York, a private equity firm. The newly formed corporation is called CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries Inc., and will have nearly 200 owned and franchised restaurants around the country.

Rock Bottom has operated the Rock Bottom Breweries, Old Chicago and the ChopHouse restaurants. Frank Day, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Rock Bottom, will be Chairman of the Board of the new company CraftWorks.

Allen Corey, CEO of Gordon Biersch, will be President and CEO of CraftWorks. The branding of the companies will not be affected. New plans call for expansion of company owned and franchised stores through the U.S.

A spokesperson for CraftWorks said that the formation of CraftWorks will not affect the non-profit status of the Rockbottom Foundation. The Rockbottom Foundation funnels profits into community projects, especially to aid the hungry.
Insider Apple Ale Release in Durango
- November 10, 2010 -
Insider Apple Ale brewed by Durango's Bootlegger Society will be released Nov.19th in and around the Durango area. The beer is made from apples that were picked and pressed by the community at the 2010 Apple Days Festival. Proceeds from the sale of the beer will go to benefit next year's festival.

The Durango Bootlegger Society is made up of the four Durango breweries: Carver, Durango, Ska, and Steamworks. These breweries work together on different community projects throughout the year.

The beer will be released at these breweries along with different Durango liquor stores.
All Colorado Beer Festival Biggest Yet
- November 08, 2010 -
With roughly 1400 thirsty beer drinkers in attendance, this years All Colorado Beer Festival, held Nov. 6 in Colorado Springs, was the biggest and best yet. With 29 brewers pouring, lots of brews were imbibed.

New breweries participating this year included AC Golden, Bier Werks, Colorado Mountain, Elk Mountain, Eddyline, and Grimm Brothers. 8 tasting/education sessions hosted by the Zymurgy Institute from CSU-Pueblo were held. Each was attended by about 25-30 guests.

Rocky Mountain won the Favorite Brewer award at each session. They were pouring their Shoup's Stout, Mountain IPA, Raspberry Cider, Eat a Peach, and Da Yoopers Cherry Pie Ale, which won Gold at the 2010 World Beer Cup.

Most importantly, higher attendance means that more money will be given away to charities, this year upwards of $15,000. These charities are The Homefront Cares, the Empty Stocking Fund, and Theatreworks.
Ska Brewing Doubles Canning Capacity
- November 04, 2010 -
Ska Brewing Company in Durango has installed a new canning line and doubled their canning capacity. So does this mean that you will be able to find delicious Ska Beer in twice as many places? One can only hope...
Dry Dock Ships Out in Bombers
- October 25, 2010 -
Dry Dock Brewing, after years of exclusive tap-only sales, has jumped into the deep end and begun packaging their award-winning brews into 22oz. bombers. They just inaugurated their new system, seen at right, by bottling up Seven Seas Double IPA. This system will enable them to package at their current location in Aurora.

Says owner Kevin Delange,"This is very exciting for us. We are now interviewing distributors, and will soon be selling statewide. Until then, we will be self-distributing to liquor stores in Aurora, including Chambers Wine & Liquor, Mile High, and Wallabees". When asked if they would only be bottling bombers, Kevin said "In this facility, for the near forseeable future, only bombers. If we ever go to a large production facility, then we will be bottling 12 oz."

Here is the list of beers that you can start looking for in your favorite liquor store in a few months:
Seven Seas Double IPA
Urca Vanilla Porter
H.M.S. Bounty Old Ale
Paragon Apricot Blonde Ale
Seasonals - Including a Coffee Stout and a Farmhouse Ale.

Smooth Sailing and Good Drinking from Dry Dock.
Dad & Dudes "Breweria" Soon to Open in Aurora
- October 20, 2010 -
What do you get when you combine a pizzeria and a brewery? The lucky people of Aurora are about to find out that it's called a "Breweria"!

Dad & Dudes Breweria will soon be opening in Aurora. The father and son team of Tom and Mason Hembree couldn't agree if they should have a pizzeria or a brewery, so came up with breweria. "It's a good compromise", said Tom, the dad of Dad & Dudes. "We wanted to do both, so this is what we came up with". They will be serving up pizza, as well as some other tasty - sounding house specialties. And of course, beer.

"The beer will be brewed on a very small system, basically a home - brewing system" Tom said. "And we sampled beer from a group of home brewers to decide who would take over the brewing for us. There will be 11 taps for beer, some of which will be ours, the rest guest taps. One will be for root beer."

A Pre-Opening will be Nov. 1st, with some guest beers on tap. A larger Grand Opening will be when they can sell their own beer, probably around Thanksgiving.

We will keep you informed. You can follow their progress on Facebook.
Uptown Bros. Serves It Up, May Brew Soon
- October 14, 2010 -
Uptown Brothers Brewing Company in Denver is one of the newest "beer-geek" bars in the Denver area. They opened in August, and have an amazing 32 beers on tap, not to mention another 70 beers in bottles. Reading through their menu will make your mouth water, with the likes of Fried Green Tomatoes, Po' Boy Sandwiches, Fried Oyster Cobb Salad, and "The Best Fried Chicken on Capitol Hill".

So what about the brewing part? Well, it's a long story, best explained by owner/brewer Paul Lumbye himself in his blog on their website. Suffice to say that the process has begun. The equipment has been purchased, the application process started, and soon, early 2011?, we will hopefully be able to sample the beer of Uptown Brothers.

Paul, an avid homebrewer, says "I opened this place to be able to brew beer. That's what I want to do." With his 1 barrel system he should be able to produce 4 kegs/week. "With all of our guest taps, that should work out just fine." So one more great place to sample great beer? It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. As always, we'll keep you up to date on their progress.
Big Beaver Builds Beer A New Home
- October 12, 2010 -
15 years in the making, Big Beaver Brewing Company opened its doors to the public for the first time over the weekend. Owner and brewer Peter E. Villeneuve, who's also got a handy science background (PhD. in microbiology), says that the next few weeks will be part of his slow, limited, soft-opening process until Big Beaver is officially "open" early next year.

Hey, "Open" means "Open", as in "I'd like a beer, please". So Colorado's newest brewer is now serving up four new beers in limited release at Loveland's third local brewer.


Just don't look for it in stores any time soon. In fact, Dr. Villeneuve is rather emphatic that he is not a fan of the traditional methodology in which beer is produced and packaged for off-site consumption: ergo, cans and bottles, which are expensive, and "inherently wasteful and inefficient". Big Beaver is as much about beer as it is about the way in which it's produced and consumed:

Let's build a sustainable community supported brewery that makes great beer! This can only be achieved with the support of regular customers that purchase beer in reusable containers directly from the brewery. The customer returns the empty packaging and purchases more beer to complete the cycle.

So you'd best BYOG. You can find out more the at the Big Beaver Brewing Co. website.

The new brewery is located on Hwy 34 near the intersection of Wilson and Hwy 34 in Loveland:

2707 W Eisenhower Blvd Unit 9
Loveland Colorado 80537

Hours, again, are "soft" but Fridays from 3-11pm and Saturdays after 11am are likely times to try a Wonder Wiener Wheat, a Shaved Tail Ale, a Bust-A-Nut Brown or whatever else might be spilling out of the Big Beaver pond.

New Beer - Another Great Reason to Support Your Local Brewer!

Brewer's Republic Stays Local in Colorado Springs
- October 01, 2010 -
Our mission at The Beer Drinker's Guide To Colorado is to promote the appreciation and understanding of craft beer here in Colorado. So when a place like Brewer's Republic opens, a place specializing in craft beer, wine, and coffee, we want to let people know about it.

"We're all about local" say owners Bryan Foster and Jason Curlis. The third partner is David Shaver. They are featuring local breweries on tap, such as Bristol Brewing, Black Fox, and Rocky Mountain Brewing here in Colorado Springs. "We will not go outside of Colorado for our beer", says Jason. Not that they would need to. As we all know, so much exists right here in our state. They plan to carry some Colorado wine, and when they start offering coffee, it will be from local roasters Umpire Estates, here in the Springs. "Even in our remodeling of the space, we used local suppliers" said Bryan. This included the antique doors that became part of the bar.

The idea for opening Brewer's Republic came when Jason was here from Texas visiting David. Jason and Bryan were working in banking and finance and living in the Dallas area. "Jason called me, told me about the idea for the Brewer's Republic, and I told them to give me a week", relates Bryan. Sure enough, Jason and Bryan moved up here and the three of them started working on the space.

Brewer's Republic is open every day at 3pm, until 12am(ish) Sun - Thurs, 2am on Fri, Sat. Their hours will expand when they start serving coffee and pastries. To visit their website, click here.
Crazy Mountain Taproom Opening!
- September 29, 2010 -
Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards is finally ready to open their taproom to the public! A big Grand Opening Party is planned for Saturday, Oct 16. Starting at 11am and going on into the evening, the celebration will include a pig roast, live music and at least 7 Crazy Mountain Beers on tap.

For more details, follow Crazy Mountain on Facebook.
New Brewpub To Open Soon in La Veta
- September 29, 2010 -
The La Veta Bistro & Brewery will have a pre-opening this Saturday, Oct 2, to celebrate the La Veta Oktoberfest. Says Carol Houk, co-owner of the Bistro, "We will have a large selection of domestic microbrews available...just can't sell our own yet." The brewery is still waiting for their federal licensing to go through.

Yet another brewery. Good for La Veta, good for Colorado!

Follow their progress on Facebook.
Fundraiser at Left Hand for Fourmile Fire Victims
- September 22, 2010 -
Tonight a fundraiser will be held at Left Hand Brewing in Longmont from 6pm-9pm for victims of the Fourmile Fire. Check their page on facebook for more details.
GABF 2010 Rocks Denver
- September 20, 2010 -
The 2010 Great American Beer Festival was once again a huge success. With more people than ever before attending to taste more beers than were ever available before, this GABF was an amazing festival.

3523 beers were vying for medals, with Colorado proudly claiming 42 of those.
Blue Moon Brewing Company in Denver won Large Brewing Company of the Year, and Large Brewing Company Brewer of the Year. More on the 2010 GABF, with pictures, to come. Check here for the list of winners.

Sisterhood Making Waves
- September 09, 2010 -
Read about the last Sisterhood of Suds meeting from the perspective of one of our guests, Jenn from the Jenn and Beer blog. Check it out here
Asher Brewing Expands Taproom
- September 03, 2010 -
Asher Brewing Company in Boulder, the only organic brewery in the state, has more than doubled the size of its original taproom.

It's been less than a month since the expansion was completed, and the result has been great, says co-owner Steve Turner. "We went from a 4-foot bar to a 16-foot bar. The room now holds 50 people easily. We have room for parties now". Check out Asher's new space and great organic beer. For more info, click here
Colorado State Fair Foam Fest Winners
- September 01, 2010 -
The 7th Annual Colorado State Fair Foam Fest wrapped up Saturday, August 28, celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of craft brewers and home brewers. The competition attracted over 400 entries. The winners:
Light Lager 1st-BierWerks:BW-Helles 2nd-Del Norte:Cinco 3rd-Del Norte:Orale
Pilsner 1-AC Golden: German Pilsner 2-Rockyard Dutch 3-Carver La Plata Pils
European Amber Lager 1-Del Norte :Manana 2-Pagosa Brewing: FallFest Bier
Dark Lager 1-Bierwerks:BW-Dunkel 2-SKA Brewing Co: Clancy's Black 3-AC Golden Schwarzbier
Bock 1 -Bells:Consecrator 2-Shamrock Brewing Co:Instigator 3-Dry Dock: Immolater Doppelbock (Honorable Mention Rock Bottom-S.Denver: Black Bull Bock)
Light Hybrid Beer 1-Amicas:Bomber Blonde Ale 2-Golden City:Clear Creek Gold 3-Bells:Bell's Oberon
Amber Hybrid Beer 1-Odell:90 Shilling 2-Grimm Brothers:Little Red Cap 3-Dry Dock: Bismarck Alt
English Pale Ale 1-SKA Brewing Co:Pinstripe Red Ale 2-Rock Bottom Col Spgs:Armed Forces Ale 3-Silverton Ice Pick Ave
Scottish & Irish Ale 1-Dry Dock:Three Heavy wee Scottish Heavy 2-Rock Bottom Colo Springs:Class V Amber 3-BierWerks:BW - Wee Heavy Strong Scotch (Hon Mention Main Street Mesa Cerveza SlowPitch)
American Ale 1-Durango Brewing:Durango Pale Ale 2 -Elk Mountain: Toast Town Brown 3-Rock Bottom -S.Denver: Old Elk Brown
English Brown Ale 1-Bull And Bush: Big Ben Brown Ale (Best of Show), 2-Main Street: Mesa Cerveza Brown Ale 3-San Pedro James Brown Ale
Porter 1-Twisted Pine:Northstar Imperial Porter 2-Equinox: Randy Brown Porter 3-Bells:Bell's Porter
Stout 1-Golden City:Lookout Stout 2-Golden City:Imperial Stout 3-Pagosa:Soaker's Stout
(Honorable Mention Bells Kalamazoo Stout)
IPA 1-Bull And Bush:Man Beer 2-Golden City:Evolution IPA 3-Odell:Odell IPA
German Wheat & Rye 1-Rockyard: Wildcat White 2 -Golden City: Roggenbier 3-BierWerks: BW-Weiss
Belgian & French Ale 1-Shamrock:Belgian White 2-Strange: Le Bruit de Diable 3-Twisted Pine: Le Petit Saison
Sour Ale 1-Three Barrel Brewing: Penitente 2-AC Golden: Wild #1 3-Rocky Mountain:Grand Cru
Begian Strong Ale 1-Rock Bottom Col Sp: Abbey Triple 2-Rockyard: No Brainer 3-Dry Dock: Dead Reckoning Dubbel
Strong Ale 1-Rockyard: Old Gaffer 2-Dry Dock: HMS Bounty Old Ale 3-Bells:Third Coast Old Ale
Fruit Beer 1-Pagosa: Wolf Creek Wheat Peach 2-Rocky Mountain: DA'Yoopers 3-Strange: Cherry Kriek
Spice/Herb/Veg 1-Amicas: Amicas Summer Ale 2-Dry Dock: Urca Vanilla Porter
Smoke/Wood Aged Beer 1- Bull And Bush:Tank Town Brown (John Hanley Memorial Award) 2-Bull And Bush:Royal Oil 3- Amicas: Smoked & Oaked Hon Mention-Dry Dock: Bligh's Old Ale
Specialty Beer 1-Golden City: Javapeno Imperial Stout 2-Three Rivers:Double-Barrel Amber Ale 3-San Luis:Valle Especial (Hon Men-Pagosa:Coconut Porter)
Other Mead 1-Pagosa:Honeymoon
BierWerks in Woodland Park is Open!
- August 24, 2010 -
Ever hear the saying that "Good things come to those who wait?" Well, in this case the good things are glasses of beer, or should we say bier? Yes, BierWerks has finally been allowed to open their doors, and we are so happy for them. Mostly, because, when headed up the pass, we have some place to stop for a beer! And, we suggest you do the same. They have 5 beers on tap right now, 3 more by mid - Sept. All that and food too, deli - platter style.

Their hours of operation are:
M-Th, 11:00am - 10:00pm | F - S, 11:00am - 12:00am | Sun, 12:00pm - 10:00pm

Click here for their website.
Rockyard bottling their brews
- August 20, 2010 -
Rockyard Brewing Company in Castle Rock is bottling their beer. The Double Eagle Ale, Redhawk Ale, Hopyard IPA, Oatmeal Stout, are bottled in a 12 oz. size and sold in 6 packs, according to brewmaster Jim Stinson. Look for them in a liquor store near you. Also, Jim says that in honor of the upcoming date of 10/10/10, he will do something special, maybe a belgian tripel coming in at 10%? Stay tuned to their website for details.
Cheyenne Canyon Ale Release at Bristol Brewing
- August 17, 2010 -
It's time for this year's rendition of the ultra popular Cheyenne Canon Ale! Tuesday, 8/17/2010 from 5pm - 9pm. Bristol's brewers roast loads of pinon nuts to create this smooth brown ale. All of the proceeds from this beer benefit the Friends of Cheyenne Canon, so drink up for a great cause! Click here for more details.
Holy Cow! GABF for 2010 is SOLD OUT!
- August 13, 2010 -
This just in from the Brewers Association:

"Sent: Friday, August 13, 2010 3:01 PM
Subject: GABF is Sold Out!

The 2010 Great American Beer Festival is 100% Sold Out!

Breaking all its previous ticket sales records, the 2010 GABF has sold out five weeks in advance.

What makes the GABF such a phenomenon? Visit for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes feature on what makes the GABF great.

Barbara Fusco, Sales & Marketing Director
Brewers Association"

Did you get your ticket? If not, you can get a taste of what could have been by viewing a movie of what just was. Jay Brookston directs us to a great little news video about the recent Great British Beer Festival - sort of a smaller UK version of GABF, but in Jolly Old England instead of The Mile High City. According to one soundbite by a Brit beer scribe, American beers are a "very well kept secret" on the other side of the pond. Blimey, who'd've thunk it?

You can find this great movie about the GBBF, courtesy of MarketWatch, here. Thanks, Jay, for leading us to it.

Now, who has any extra tickets?
Space Foundation Recognizes BDG2C
- August 12, 2010 -
Space Foundation recognizes The Beer Drinker's Guide To Colorado as a Certified Space Imagination Product. We're stoked, and you can check it out here.
Ouray Brewery is Open!
- August 11, 2010 -
Count yet another Colorado brewery to open for business this summer. Ouray Brewery opened on August 9, with limited hours for now, and a partial menu. They are open 7 nights a week right now, from 5pm - 9pm, and are serving a partial menu. They will soon go to their regular hours, 11am - 9pm, with a full menu. They are pouring their IPA and Kolsch, with a Brown and a Rye Ale in the fermenter. There are 3 guest taps right now also, being supplied by Great Divide and Ska Brewing Co.

According to the restaurant manager, Kip Jenkins, they have had a great response so far. "News of our opening has just traveled by word of mouth, but every night we seem to fill up. People feel like it's good to have another brewery in town."

And we might say, it's good to have another brewery in Colorado. Good luck, Ouray Brewery! For more info, call (970) 325-7388, or check out their website.
Grimm Brothers in Loveland Opens Their Doors
- August 06, 2010 -
Don Chapman and Aaron Heaton opened Grimm Brothers Brewhouse July 26 to a huge crowd and overwhelming local support. Over 1000 people came through their doors that day. Said Heaton "It was amazing. We've gone through so much beer, ran out of growlers (which are now back in stock). It's been great."

Their hours are currently 12pm-7pm Tues - Fri, Sat 11am-7pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm, and closed on Monday. Current beers on tap are: Snowdrop- a Kottbusser style ale, Little Red Cap- an altbier, and Fearless Youth-a dunkel. A seasonal which may become permanent is their Master Thief, a German-style Porter, that comes in at 6.7% abv.

We at The Beer Drinker's Guide have tracked these guys and their progress over the past year. It's great to see these small start-ups get open and be supported by their communities. Click here for their website.

Also, stay tuned for Ouray Brewery, ready to open any day, and Bierwerks, soon to open their doors as well. Crazy Mountain and Funkwerks will be a little later. As always, we'll keep you posted.
Colorado State Fair seeks homebrew entries
- August 04, 2010 -
The Colorado State Fair is coming up fast, and its "last call" for home brewers looking to participate in this year's competition.

The fair's General Entry office is seeking amateur and professional brewers to compete in the events at the fair, which runs from Aug. 27 through Sept. 6 at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo.

The homebrew competition is sanctioned by the American Homebrewers Association, and features professional judges in 28 categories. Medals will be awarded for the top three places in each category, along with Best of Show and other special prizes. Winners will be honored at the Foam Fest craft beer festival on Aug. 28, which features dozens of beers from the Centennial State's finest craft breweries.

Submissions must be made by Aug. 14, and can be mailed to the Colorado State Fairgrounds, or dropped off at designated sites in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins or Denver.

For more details, call 719-248-4468, or visit the website
Twisted Pine AleHouse to Serve Food Soon
- August 04, 2010 -
Twisted Pine Ale House will begin serving food alongside their brews in mid-August. Nearly every product on the menu is locally sourced and all natural, served in compostable, environmentally friendly dishes. Look for the menu soon on their website.
Bristol Brewing's Camden, the Original Laughing Lab, 1994-2010
- August 03, 2010 -
Camden, the original Laughing Lab owned by Mike and Amanda Bristol of Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs, passed away in her sleep last Wednesday. Bristol Brewing is having a wake for her this evening, starting at 5pm. $2.00 from every pint of Laughing Lab sold today goes to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. To find out more, click here.
Expensive Beer in a Squirrel & Odell's 10,000th Batch!
- July 23, 2010 -
From the UK's "Daily Record", the world's costliest beer served in a stuffed squirrel. Have your doubts? Check out the story here.

Also, here reports on Odell's 10,000th batch of beer. Here's to you, Doug!
Colorado Mountain Brewery plans
- July 19, 2010 -
Yet another Colorado brewery opens for business. On Tuesday, July 20, Colorado Mountain Brewery in Colorado Springs, will open their doors. This first week they will be open for dinner only, from 5pm-10pm. This is a "soft" opening for the brewery, some people may not get in. They plan to have at least 3 beers on tap. The following week, starting on the 26th of July, they will operate on a full schedule, with their Grand Opening on Friday, July 30. Their new website should be up by then, so check it for more details.
Ouray Brewery Opening August 1st!
- July 07, 2010 -
Ouray Brewery in Ouray, CO, is planning to open for business August 1, 2010. According to owner Erin Eddy, they will have a soft opening August 1, with a full menu available and at least 3 beers on tap. Brew Master Jeff Lockard (Previously of McClellans in Canon City) is busy brewing, putting the finishing touches on the brewery itself. Ouray Brewery will have 3 levels for dining, including a rooftop patio with fantastic views of the surrounding area. The hours will start from 4pm-9pm daily, expanding eventually to 11am-9pm. For more info, directions, etc. click here.
Elk Mountain Brewing Opens Their Doors!
- July 02, 2010 -
Thursday, July 1st, Elk Mountain Brewing in Parker, CO, opened for business. Despite setbacks in their original schedule, Marcia and Tom Bell are happy, and relieved. The opening was "Great", said Tom. "The beer was well received."
Stop by this weekend, sample some suds, and meet Marcia and Tom, owners of the newest brewery in Colorado. They will open at noon everyday this 4th of July weekend, through Monday. For more info, and directions on how to find Elk Mountain Brewing, check out their website
BierWerks in Woodland Park Poised To Open Soon
- July 01, 2010 -
The Equipment is installed, the beer is brewing, and co-owner/brewers Jeff Aragon and Brian Horton are itching to open their doors. Though not new to the process of opening a brewery,( Jeff and Brian were owner/brewers of Trinidad Brewing), their new venture has had its challenges. (Something about Teller County building codes). But regardless, they are getting through it and hope to be open by the end of July. As always, we will keep you posted. Click here for their new website.
Celebrate Liquid Brain Day at Bull & Bush
- June 09, 2010 -
Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery won a gold medal in April at the World Beer Cup for their beer, "The Legend of the Liquid Brain". On Wednesday, June 9th, you can sample 5 different versions of this winning brew at the Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery from 6pm-8pm. The versions range from a 2003 vintage aged 2-4 years in a Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel, to a 2009 vintage not aged at all. For more information, check out their website.
Bristol Brewing releases Summer Pilsner and winner of naming contest!
- June 03, 2010 -
Be at Bristol Brewing Thursday, June 3rd for the release of their summer pilsner. They will be revealing the winner of the contest to guess the name of the new pilsner. The new logo for the pils will be unveiled, and a drawing for the winner of the naming contest, who will receive a two-night stay at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder! Click here for more information.
Crested Butte Brewing and Strange Brewing plan Openings
- April 21, 2010 -
Crested Butte Brewing Company is getting ready to open its doors, hopefully by mid-May. Owner Robin Loyed says that they are very close. Three beers are finished, they are working on their fourth, and they just need a few more weeks to pull it all together. "We have had a tremendous amount of interest. We are very anxious to get the doors open." A beer tasting will be held May 7th at Maxwell's Restaurant in Crested Butte from 1-4pm. As soon as the Grand Opening date is set, we will let you know. Check out their website for updates.

Strange Brewing Company has planned its Grand Opening for May 17th, the first day of American Craft Beer Week. Their hours of operation this week will be 4-8pm, Monday - Saturday. They are located at 1330 Zuni St. in Denver. Stop in and check them out. Owners Tim Meyers and John Fletcher are excited to get things rolling. (720) 985-2337. They plan to release a different beer every day that week.Click website for their website.
New Breweries To Watch For
- April 06, 2010 -
Ah, Springtime in the Rockies. It's finally here. Time to crawl out from under your rock, stretch those limbs, and get ready to head to one of the new breweries that are getting ready to open.

Equinox Brewing up in Fort Collins has scheduled their opening date for April 30th. Owned by Shannon and Colin Westcott, it adjoins their homebrew supply store Hops and Berries. Brewmaster Colin plans to have many lovely ales lined up for their opening. Their "back to basics" philosophy will feature several "real ales", handdrawn from casks using no CO2. Lots of information about their beers will be available, including recipes broken down to a 5 gallon batch size. Click here for more info.

Norwood Brewery at Two Candles in Norwood opened last Friday, April 2nd. Not really planning to open that day, Brewmaster Brian Hoefling said that they received some paperwork that they needed, had a beer ready to go, and opened "because they could". Right now he has his American Pale Ale on tap as well as a few guest taps, including beer from Colorado Boy Pub and Brewery. Currently open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, call (970) 327-0100 for more information.

Bierwerks, the new brewery soon to open in Woodland Park, is shooting for opening on Memorial Day weekend. This new venture is the brainchild of Jeff Aragon and Brian Horton, previous brewer/owners of Trinidad Brewing. They received their federal permit last week, and if all things fall into place, Jeff thinks they can pull it off for that last weekend in May. Check out their here to keep updated.

Other breweries on the horizon include Crested Butte Brewery in Gunnison, Elk Mountain Brewing in Parker, Colorado Mountain Brewery in Colorado Springs, Ouray Brewing in Ouray, and Crazy Mountain Brewing in Avon. As always, we will keep you posted.
Coupon List Continues to Grow for Beer Map
- March 25, 2010 -
The coupon partner list for the Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado Beer Map continues to expand. Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery, Elk Mountain Brewing, Pagosa Pub Works Brewing, and Three Barrel Brewing have partnered with the Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado to offer beer and other goods to the masses. Pagosa and Elk Mountain are giving away a free beer with every coupon, and Eddyline and Three Barrel a free souvenir pint glass with the purchase of a beer.

This recent addition brings the coupon total to 24. That is, 24 coupons for free beer, food, glassware, and discounts on merchandise & homebrew supplies included with every map! A $150 value, conservatively speaking!

Check out the map here.
Order the map here.
Challenging What Beer Is and Can Be at Twisted Pine Brewing
- March 24, 2010 -
Boulder, Colorado - March 24th 2010 - Experimentation is running rampant in the craft beer industry these days. Cherry Chocolate Chili Stout, Yerba Mate Pale Ale and Pumpkin Brown Ale are just some of the latest beers now available to the everyday consumer. The craft beer industry is constantly exploring new frontiers to come up with the next biggest thing in beer. Twisted Pine continues to embrace experimentation and takes it up a notch.

Past releases have included "Poison Fish" a beer laced with ginger, wasabi, horseradish and mustard, "Port Wine Porter" an ale infused with port wine soaked oak chips and of course, there's the ever so popular "Billy's Chilies," a beer that packs the heat of 5 fresh chili peppers. "The freedom to brew whatever comes to mind is one of the privileges of working at Twisted Pine," says brewer Jeff Brumley. "If you can dream it, you can brew it."

In the works at Twisted Pine is a beer made with Ghost Chilies, also known as the hottest chilies on Earth. "The trick to these creative brews is keeping them balanced," says owner Bob Baile. "You don't want one flavor to completely overwhelm another."

"It is the unique interesting beers that really keep people coming back to our brewery, especially when there are as many great breweries as there are in Boulder," says marketing director Mike Burns. "I became familiar with the beers of Boulder a long time ago, but I always keep a look out for new releases." Upcoming releases at Twisted Pine include: Imperial Red Ale, Vanilla Espresso Stout, Sour Raspberry Brown Ale and a Vanilla Oaked Stout. At least one new beer has been tapped at Twisted Pine every week since last December.
Phantom Canyon Brewmaster Alan Stiles Intros Phantom Canyon's New "Revival Series"
- March 09, 2010 -
Debuting Wednesday, March 3rd is the first in a series of beers based on recipes culled from the brewing logs of British breweries, both operating and defunct, as well as modern interpretations of ancient, rare and vanishing beers from Europe. We'll be brewing one a month until we run out of recipes.
Brewer's Association Announces 2009 Craft Brewer Sales Numbers
- March 08, 2010 -
The Brewer's Association today released 2009 stats on the U.S. Craft Brewing Industry. In 2009, U.S. beer sales overall were down approximately 5 million barrels or 2.2%. Imported beer sales were down 9.8% in 2009. However, the craft brewing industry saw their sales increase by 10.3% over 2008 sales.

The total number of craft brewers in the U.S. also grew, from 1485 in 2008 to 1585 that were operating for some or all of 2009. That was good news for those of us who like to drink craft beer, with an increase of 613,922 barrels.

What an exciting time to be involved in the craft brewing movement. At a time when our country is struggling to emerge from the "Great Recession", and dollars are tight for many, people still want to support small, local breweries, and sip their fine hand-crafted brew.
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