Breckenridge Opens New Brewery

Mike Laur - June 17, 2015
Breckenridge Brewery has a new home - its twelve acre campus in Littleton.

Photo by Mike Laur © DG2C
Breckenridge Brewery Brewmaster and Director of Brewery Operations - J. Todd Usry - pauses for 1/30th of a second to smile about the opening of the brand-new Breck brewhouse and restaurant in Littleton. It's officially opening today, and is located just north of Aspen Grove, off Santa Fe, at 2920 Brewery Lane.

Photo by Mike Laur © DG2C
Sixteen 400-bbl fermenters - made in the US - will be employed to make about 110,000 barrels of tasty beers every year. Tours will include overhead views of the whole operation.

Photo by Mike Laur © DG2C
What's Cookin? Plenty of new beers, at Breckenridge Brewing's new facility. The 100 barrel Steinecker brewhouse is all state-of-the-art.

Photo by Mike Laur © DG2C
Breckenridge Brewery's new facility will be a "sparkplug" for Littleton, according to city officials. Planned and constructed over the past thirty months, the project cost $36 million to complete.

Photo by Mike Laur © DG2C
An overview of the brewhouse, during a pre-opening party on June 16. There are over 4400 welds in the miles of stainless steel plumbing that runs through the 76,000 square foot facility.
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