Get Ready to Festivate!

Mike Laur - September 24, 2015
So many festivals in so little time... they all seem to happen at once:

World's biggest beer fest: Munich.

America's biggest beer fest: Denver.

Colorado's largest wine fest: Palisade.

Oktoberfest: It's Celebrated Everywhere.

And dozens more. If you can't find a beer, wine or spirit event nearby this time of year, you're not looking very hard. We try to keep up, and list at least a few noteworthy festivals and happening on our Events Page.

But it's time to Festivate!

Nothing says beer fest the way GABF says Beer Fest. Since 1982, this has been the Big One. America's best brewers submit their beers for judging and intense peer review, and the public staggers along to taste thousands of beers from across the country. The Great American Beer Festival holds the world record for Most Beers Tapped In One Location. Boulder-based Brewer's Association, which puts on the event at the Denver Convention Center, says to expect 3800 beers this year - and they should know.

Ed Sealover give us great advice on how to attend GABF and not be an ass.

If you don't follow our advice and wind up drunk, Uber has a deal on rides for first-time users. Use the code "GABFCO". There's plenty of taxis downtown, too, as well as the 16th Street Mall shuttle, light rail and pedicabs. Please - don't drink and drive. You might wind up running over one of us, and that would truly suck.

We'll also keep you updated on GABF happenings via social media, so be prepared.

Stuck outside GABF? That's okay - it's also Denver Beer Week, with about a bazillion events going on. Stop by Falling Rock, or just ask at your local watering hole, or check out Drink Nation or our friends at Colorado Brewers Guild for rundowns on tappings, tastings and turnouts for the un-annointed unable to attend GABF.

And if you missed the 24th Colorado Mountain Winefest in Palisade last weekend, mark your calendar for next year: September 15-18, 2016. It's a great festival, full of knowledgable, friendly, fun folks. You'll find some awesome and totally unique Colorado wine - on sale directly from the makers - at an outdoor park venue worth lingering in. We popped off a few shots, and share a few of them below.

Looking Ahead -

The All-Colorado Beer Festival in Colorado Springs opens for two sessions on November 7.

And the third Rocket In My Beer Festival at Space Foundation Discover Center launches on November 14. It's kid-friendly, and you won't need a parka to sip your brews - the event is inside the way-cool SFDC exhibit and museum space just off Garden of the Gods Road.

We'll be looking for you. And for all our sake, don't drink and and drive!

Hey - see you there, and there, and there, and there, and...

Mike Laur - DG2C

Mike Laur - DG2C

Mike Laur - DG2C

Mike Laur - DG2C

Mike Laur - DG2C
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