Latest Drinker's Guide to Colorado Leads The Way to Free Beers

Mike Laur - December 6, 2016
Please allow us to introduce you to our latest edition addition - our new updated Winter 2017 Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinker's Guide to Colorado.

With 94 all-new listings of Colorado Craft Producers - including breweries, cideries, meaderies, wineries and distilleries - we continue our nine-year quest to publish the latest information and to help you find the newest of Colorado's legendary craft creations in every corner of the state.

Our new 40-page supplement comes packed with new maps, new stories, and updated info on new places to discover and explore. And we've included more coupons than ever for Free Beer, Free Drinks, Free Glassware, Discounts and Great Deals at over 75 Colorado locations.

With coupons valued at over $400.00, this Guidebook will pay for itself - a dozen times over!

Order your Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinker's Guide to Colorado package online today from us - it's only $24.95, and includes the 240-page Guidebook, 40-page Winter 2017 Supplement, large folded Map, and Coupons - over 50 Free Beers alone! It's the book that pays you back every time you use it.

And while you read this courtesy of electrons and the WWW, we believe that nothing beats real books and printed maps for travel and discovery - whether you're sitting in your chair or in your car. Sure, you can find tons of info online, like our interactive map that follows you where you go and leads you where you want to be. But with all the fake news, bogus sites and flat-out-wrong information that fills the internet, you can rest assured that with our our product, we wouldn't print it if it weren't true. When your battery runs out, your cel signal vanishes, and wifi is unavailable, our Drinker's Guide is standing by, ever-ready to lead the way and buy you a free drink.

We don't just make this stuff up. All year long, we visit, talk, research, gather facts, double-check and research some more. Hundreds of wannabes, gonnabes, still-plannings and we're-almost-theres are identified, vetted and organized so that you don't have to. All you need do, Dear Reader, is decide which place to visit and what to drink when you arrive.

This is our most complete guidebook ever to all of Colorado's beer, wine, & spirit producers, and a whole lot more. We hope you like it and use it. Packed inside you'll find detailed listings on over 620 craft producers, plus a wealth of Colorado travel information, great stories, detailed maps, beautiful illustrations and fascinating features about your favorite adult beverages. All of 'em. And did we mention the Free Beer?

Here's a peek at what you'll see inside:

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